Privacy Policy.

Policy Statement and Principles

The Circular Textiles Foundation is committed to safeguarding the personal data of our employees, members and business associates and fully complies with the rules set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This policy sets out our commitment to ensure that all personal data is:

1) processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner;

2) processed for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not in a manner that is incompatible with those purposes;

3) adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which it is being processed;

4) accurate and, where necessary, up to date;

5) not kept longer than necessary for the purposes for which it is being processed;

6) processed in a secure manner, by using appropriate technical and organisational means;

7) processed in keeping with the rights of data subjects regarding their personal data.


To what will the policy apply?

This policy applies to the keeping and processing of personal data and organisational data held by the Circular Textiles Foundation.

To whom will the policy apply?

The policy applies to all Circular Textiles Foundation board of directors, employees, ambassadors, contractors and volunteers who are carrying out activities for and on behalf of the Circular Textiles Foundation.

Roles & Responsibilities

The Board of Directors and management of the Circular Textiles Foundation are committed to compliance with all regulations with respect to personal data and the rights of individuals whose information the Circular Textiles Foundation collects and processes.

  1. The Information We Collect

Personal Data

1.1 The Circular Textiles Foundation collects Personal data (such as your name, company, designation, contacts, photo and areas of interests) about you in various ways:

  • when you sign on as a member of the Circular Textiles Foundation,
  • when you download a product or service from our websites,
  • when you contact us with an enquiry, and
  • when you register or participate in a Circular Textiles Foundation event (i.e. workshop, webinar, conference, exhibition, working groups, round tables and task forces).

1.2 Additional information such as your credit card information, billing information and shipping information may also be collected for processing of payment online, administer your membership account and keep track of membership payments.

1.3 In all circumstances no Sensitive Personal data, such as ethnicity, religion or race, is collected or processed.

1.4 As with most online interaction, when you visit our websites, some of your information (such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type and activity data) may be automatically collected through our systems or the use of “cookies.” Aside from enabling a more efficient page load, this information helps us monitor the areas you are most interested in and improve our service offering to you.

1.5 The Circular Textiles Foundation may use Google Analytics as a means to monitor your activity on our websites. This information is used solely for the purpose of tracking webpage performance and is not used together with any other Personal data collected.

Organisational Data

1.6 In addition to personal data, the Circular Textiles Foundation also collects quantitative and qualitative organisational data about your company through surveys. Such information may be collected in the following ways:

  • our Projects, and
  • automated email or manual surveys (via our ambassadors, platforms, working groups, round tables or task forces).

1.7 The Circular Textiles Foundation treats all organisational data as private and confidential and will not be shared or revealed on its own unless explicit approval is given. Public reporting of organizational data will only be done in aggregate unless consent is explicitly sought from your organisation.

1.8 For additional assurance on organisational data, a Non-Disclosure Agreement is available online or upon request that can be filled in and submitted to the Circular Textiles Foundation.

  1. How We Use Your Information

Personal Data

2.1 As a member-based organisation that connects people and community, your Personal data is used for the following purposes:

  • to identify you as a user or a member,
  • to understand your preferences in order to provide better programs and services,
  • to process your payment,
  • to respond to your enquiries and comments,
  • to keep you updated with the latest membership programs and services as well as sector happenings, • to deliver member services, and
  • to connect you with other members and potential business partners, with your permissions.

2.2 Group based outreach such as newsletters and notifications may be delivered through email automation platforms with non-disclosure of your Personal data.

2.3 If you join one of the Circular Textiles Foundation’s round tables, working groups or task forces, your Personal data may be shared with respective group members to facilitate exchange of information and ideas, and to communicate group activities.

Organisational Data

2.4 Qualitative and quantitative organisational data is collected for statistical analysis and aggregate reporting purposes. The information you provide will enable the Circular Textiles Foundation to:

  • report on market profile, impacts, trend and size,
  • carry out communications and marketing,
  • monitor and track the performance of our programs and services, and
  • deliver member services and benefits.

2.5 With your consent, selected organisational data may be made available to affiliate organisations to reduce survey fatigue and foster sector learnings.

2.6 With your consent, selected non-business sensitive organisational data may be made available publicly to provide visibility for your company as part of our membership value (e.g. Find a Supplier)

  1. Choice and Consent

3.1 The Circular Textiles Foundation will clearly communicate to you how your information is collected and processed.

3.2 We respect your choice on how you wish to stay connected. Consent may be sought via an online form, email opt-in or verbal confirmation.

Personal Data

3.3 As a member of the Circular Textiles Foundation, you will be asked if you wish to receive email newsletters and communications. If consent is not given, your Personal data will remain in our Contact Management System for personal outreach only.

3.4 As a non-member of the Circular Textiles Foundation, your consent will be sought to remain in our Contact Management System for personal and/or email newsletters and communications. If neither consent is given, your Personal data will be removed from our Contact Management System.

3.5 All email newsletters and communications sent to members and non-members will contain unsubscribe link where you can specify if you wish to be removed from our group mailing list and/or our Contact Management System.

Organisational Data

3.6 When you sign on and provide organizational data through the Circular Textiles Foundation’s programs and surveys, consent is given to use your organizational data in accordance to this policy.

3.7 You will be expressly asked if your organisation’s identity can be reported to a program or survey. If consent is not given, your organisation’s identity will be anonymised but your organisational data count will remain as part of the aggregate reporting.

  1. Access to Your Information

4.1 The Circular Textiles Foundation affiliates such as board of directors, employees, ambassadors, consultants and volunteers that need your information to carry out their work.

4.2 Any third-party vendors, contractors, and service providers employed by the Circular Textiles Foundation and need your information to carry out their work.

4.3 Access to your information will only be provided to a third-party that has signed a Non Disclosure Agreement with the Circular Textiles Foundation.

4.4 The Circular Textiles Foundation will not sell or share any or your information for marketing purposes.

4.5 Your information may be shared with relevant parties in connection with or during mergers, financing, acquisition, dissolution, transaction or proceeding involving the sale, transfer divestiture or disclosure of all or part of our business to another company. In the event of an insolvency, bankruptcy or receivership, your information may also be transferred as a business asset. If another organisation acquires the Circular Textiles Foundation, its business or assets, that organisation will assume the obligations to your information as outlined in this policy.

4.6 The Circular Textiles Foundation reserves the right to use your information in aggregate form with anonymized personal and organizational identity for purposes at its discretion.

4.7 You retain access to your information at all times. Should you require access to your personal data with us, please contact

  1. Relevance and Accuracy of Your Information

Personal Data

5.1 The Circular Textiles Foundation will only collect and process Personal data from you for the purposes outlined in 2.2.

5.2 Your Personal data will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it is accurate, complete and up to-date. During the review process, you may be asked to provide further information or updates.

Organisational Data

5.3 All organisational data provided to the Circular Textiles Foundation’s programs and surveys are based on self-reporting. We rely on you to provide information that is accurate and reliable.

5.4 Organisational Data collected are reviewed (not audited) for accuracy and completeness. You may be contacted during the review process for clarification and confirmation.

  1. How Long We Keep Your Information

Personal Data

6.1 If you have consented to be on our mailing list for email newsletters and communications, your Personal data will remain in our Contact Management System for the duration that we provide this service.

6.2 If you have not consented to be part of our mailing list for email newsletter and communications, your Personal data will remain in our Contact Management System as long as there is active engagement between yourself and the Circular Textiles Foundation. If there is no active engagement for a period of 12 months, your Personal data will be removed from our Contact Management System.

Organisational Data

6.3 Membership in the Circular Textiles Foundation, participation in the our Programs, or any other source of providing your organizational data will remain in safe keeping by the Circular Textiles Foundation for the purpose that it was provided.

  1. Security of Your Information

7.1 Your information is stored safely in our Contact Management System, Benchmark System or Central Filling System. All systems are regularly backed up.

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