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Reflo’s circular solution for end of life garment recycling.

About Reloop

Reloop is our circular apparel solution, a range of garments designed to be recycled at the end of life. We do this by ensuring Reloop garments are of mono-fibre, with 100% of the product made from one form of recycled material.

As we strive to be the most sustainable sports performancewear brand in the world, this is our solution to a problem we see far too often in the apparel industry – garments ending up in landfill and not being recycled.

Before recycling, treating products with the care they deserve undeniably extends its life, and it is our responsibility to give you the tools to do that.

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Care & Repair

Whether it’s repairing when they’re damaged, stained, or nicked, or even reusing by re-selling or donating, there is usually a way to make sure your garment stays functional for longer.

  • Prior to repairing and reusing, please ensure you follow washing and drying instructions on the care labels so the quality of the product is retained for longer.
  • We encourage you to repair and transform your garments by stitching and sewing. There are some professionals who do this for you, visit The Seam to find out more.
  • Why not also re-sell your products? Second-hand clothing platforms like Depop and Vinted are perfect for making sure your product and your pocket go further.